The following front panels are available:

- Star Galaxy: dark grey garnite with a warm basic-tint, has small light-                 reflecting  spots in gold-, brass- or copper-colored

- Nero Assoluto: dark grey granite, which appears very restrained and noble because of its easy surface. 

- Carrara Marble: noble, whißte marble from Italy. We only choose plates with few venation as otherwise the front appears too agitated.

- Estremoz: the most famous marble of Portugal. Its basic-tint is rosé, very       often with a light dark green venation. For our products we choose plates with   a warm rosé coloring and preferable no venation. Looks very noble especially     with copper knobs. 

- Labrador Blue Pearl: dark elements are blended with light shining blanks            which sometime turn into blue, with fine and partly golden veins - depending     on light incidence and perspective the material looks very different.

- Labrador Emeralt Pearl: similar to the Blue Pearl, less dark, no blue elements, appears a little bit easier and less multi-faceted.

- Brazil/Porto Shale: a phantastic material, which looks absolutely noble, restrained and significant. 
  Because of the property of the surface this material cannot be imprinted or engraved.  Both shale typed differ from each other by the thickness of the formation of the reliefs. 

Please keep in mind, that all these are natural materials. The surfaces or even the curbs are never completely smooth and can show unevennesses up to air inclusions. We try to assure as possible as can be a high constant in color - but a congruence of 100 % can never be reached.