Variations of front plate designs and knobs

Very often we did notice that the furnishing of the living room or the listening room does not at all harmonise with the devices of our high end equipment. Either the colours do not fit or the devices are very technical and seem to be a disturbing foreign object. This is the reason why we intentionally chose a design which makes appear the appliances as small independent artworks.

Therefore, besides the filed technology and the convincing sound experience, we offer to our clients the possibility to personalize their own appliance according to their special requirement.

In addition to the standard design in Star Galaxy Granite for the front with gold plated knobs we offer a wide range of further designs available at extra charge - nearly everything is possible. Even special requests exceeding our range can be realised; as far as it can technically be realised. Please contact us or your special dealer - we would be pleased to advise you.

Anything you will never find at Audio Exklusiv: front plates or knobs in aluminium of any colour as well as acrylic.

Please take into consideration that every special design demands a certain delivery period we cannot specify exactly. Furthermore with the order a down-payment of 50 % of the purchase price has to be made.