Tuning and Upgrade of Audio Exklusiv Equipment from 2010 onwards (new series)

Also for the new developed units from 2010 onwards we are offering several tuning- and/or upgrade possibilities like capacitors, power supply or additional mechanical optimization.

These measures can be ordered with your equipment order / before purchasing.

For further information like possibilities, leadtime and prices please contact us.

Tuning and Upgrade of Audio Exklusiv equipment until 2009

Most of the appliances of Audio Exklusiv up to now are playing day-to-day. They still convince with a phantastic sound apttern which is responsible for Audio Exklusiv has been so famous during the past 30 years. Very often we receive inquiries if there is a possibility to improve this sound pattern still a bit.

In principle it can be said that during the past years a lot of things have changed - the development of the devices in some sectors has made considerable audible progresses. But not every detail, every little progress can reasonably be integrated in an existing equipment. As always the interaction of every particular device makes the result. An upgrading at any price very often leads to a disappointing result which possibly has no bearing on the performance of the primary product.

During the last months we engaged in detail with the products and so we developed some reasonable and cautious measurements which will bring the equipemnt some steps forward.

In the following we want to present to you how. But: before you make a decision for "anything" you should contact us by phone for advice.


Solid State Preamplifier P 2

The primely circuit of the P2 allows to play even today on a high level. Nonetheless there are some possibilities for improvement:

1. Conversion from BNC- to Cinch-connectors

Replacement of 24 connectors to accepted high quality cinch-connectors with Teflon, thereby omission of the far used and required adapters.

                            250.-€ + VAT + transport.


2. Modification of power supply

2.1. Replacement of the power supply capacitors (because of the age strictly recommended) and enlargement of the capacity up to 20.000µF, whereas the capacitors will addionally be bridged with small foil caps:

                            125.- € + VAT + transport.

2.2. Repülacement of the origin transformer against ine 160 Watt toroidal transformer in a stable black cnc-worked metal housing:

                            220.- € + VAT + transport.

2.3. Same as 2.2, but with a 225 Watt toroidal transformer :

                            240.- € + VAT + transport.

The sound pattern is getting more relaxed and cleaner (but not slow), the three-dimensionality and the resolution become more, and the tone colours become more express. Even the fundament gains. With the combination of replacement of capacitors and the new transformer the most considerable difference can be heart.

3. Replacement of the coupling capacitor:

Here the sound can be influenced in real wide ranges. Basically you should well decide: do you prefer a neutral or an individual sound adjustemnt, because every modification will have it´s price.

The basic price will be 75.- € + VAT + transport + the particular capacitor.

4. Replacement of the volume potentiometer:

With this modification your P2 makes an enormous step forwards. You will notice a drastical improvement of audibility, frankness, resolving and cleanness. It seems as if a curtain has been opened.

                          160,- € + VAT + transport


Tube Preamp P 7

The primely circuit of the P 7 allows to play even today on a high level. Nonetheless there are some possibilities for improvement:   

1. Replacement of volume potentiometer:

With this modification you P 7 makes an enormous step forwards. You will notice a drastic improvement in audibility, openness, resolution and cleanness. It seems as if a curtain had been opened.

                            160.- € + VAT + transport


Vollverstärker P 12 / P 112

1. Replacement of volume potentiomenter:

With this modification your P12 / P112 makes an enormous step forwards. You will notice a drastical improvement of audibility, openness, resolution and cleanness. It seems as if a curtain had been opened.

                            160.- € + VAT + transport


P 1 / P 11 / P 12 / P 112

Here we have got limited possibilities. On the one hand the power supply is designed spaciously, on the other hand the space capactiy is limited.


1. Replacement of the input OP amp and of the coupling capacitors

By replacement of these two devices you will reach a real improvement. Basically for the subject "coupling capacitor" the annotation of the P2, point3 can be applied.

The base price will be 135.-€ + VAT + transport + the particular capacitor.


2. Inner cabling

Another possibility can be seen in the cabling towards the loudspeaker connectors. It can be said that concerining the cables during the last years the changes have been the greatest. But we do not hold with overpriced exotic ones, we prefer well thought developments which can be physically be explained. We recommend - as well as for the coupling capacitors - a consultation.

The base price weill be 65.-€ + VAT + transport + particular cable.


Mechanical optimization

This is a subject we have been working on for more than 15 years. E.g. a slow-down of the chassis will lead to a not unimportant sound improvement. Due to the as far as possible elimination of resonant chassis, resonant parts, boards and devices the original sound signal will - more or less - not be modified. More lucidity, more detail and room information as well as a particular reduction of mechanical caused distortions are the most considerable changes after such an improvement

The price depends on the range of the improvement measures.


We kindly asked you to contact us whenever you are thinking about tuning and optimization measures for your Audio Exklusiv equipment or for products of other manufacturers. We would be pleased to inform and advise you detailed and fair.