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Phonopreamplifier P 2

LP December/January Issue 1/2012:

The magazine LP did test the phonopreamplifier P2 extensively. This time the P2 had been tested in neroassoluto with  glossy black knobs (surcharge:  400 €).

"In the course of longer lasting hearing sessions the product proved as technical thought-out and perfectly functioning machine with which it is a pleasure even to work" editor Thomas Schmidt summed up satisfied. But it does not attract attention by showing some spectacular or ostensible effects, no: it shows its qualities just "by the way". Small sound-colours appear that had never been heart like that before; there is one more little echo, that could not be heart with other phono-units. And at the same time the whole impresses, the  flow of the play back, the fine drawings of an almost three-dimensional stage up to the last angle." In spite of the precision, that had been a part of our development target, for us not only emotion is in the foreground:" in the music has been kept in an impressing way." The result of the test: "This can be seen a the perfect composition of technical perfection and musical emotion."

Phonopreamplifier P 2

HiFiStatement February 2012:

After his first contact with Audio Exklusiv (P7 and P2), Dirk Sommer, avowed analog-listener, showed great interest in the phonopreamplifier P 2. In order to pitch the product to him also in optical way the P 2 had been delivered in "nero assoluto with black control elements. 

Before the real start up of the test procedure, the P 2 has to play some weeks in the domestic chain, without showing any failings or distortions. "....this alone in my eyes has a lot of value..." - his comment. In the test himself he certified exuberant pleasure in playing, a haunting groove, much air around the instruments as well as disarming peaks. A very fine and sound-colour-strong playback with a perfect timing on the highest level - this is the picture the P 2 always shows.

His résumé: "It might be quite difficult to find a product like the P 2 with a sound like that, similar processed for such a price like the P 2."

The whole testing result can be seen under:

Tubepreampilfier P 7

LP December/January Issue 1/2011:

The magazine LP has engaged intensively with our "first born". They got from us for the test a P 7 in an exceptional version in Carrara marble with black lettering and mat black  operating knobs (extra charge 400.-€).
Thomas Schmidt occupied himself intensively with the product with the following results:  "...the workingup quality and the used components of the Audio Exklusiv P 7 are absolutely exemplary. This starts with the high-class and clean built circuit board with its thick copper coating and ends with the extensive resonance damping of the unit."

He certifies the P 7 highest neutrality: "....we haven't had in our rooms for a long time an electronical device which played so unexcited, incorruptible and neutral as the P 7 did... unbestechlich und neutral wie der P7 hat in unseren Hörräumen schon lange keine Elektronik mehr gespielt....independently from the construction".

Besides excellent measuring values and a brilliant space it is " and precise in every pitch, without having any breeze of "airy" clouding  which often leads to an early "AHA-effect" when listening a classical tube preamplifier, but after 15 minutes at the latest this effect will extremely annoy. So the P 7 is untypical for a tube - it is setting the reproduction absolutely to the point  and won't be impressed by any complex or dynamic music direction!

His summary: "The P 7 is well equipped, excellently worked out and absolutely clever composed - a preamplifier how it should be, never mind if transistor or tube.

Tubepreamplifier P 7

IMAGE HIFI 6/2011:

In the first Audio Exklusiv test of the magazine Image Hifi the P7 has been checked out critically. The design was Star Galaxy with black chromed knobs. 

The editorial journalist Michael Rassinger ist impressed: "...only for the buildup the developers earn a commendation..." Not only the buildup but also the sound inspires him strongly. For him the "...preamplifier is a component, which has to reproduce musical information neutral as possible, in many sophisticated colors but without becoming indistinctly... Therefore I can confirm that the P7 in fact does nothing else it has to do: to carry the music purely to the amplifier...No sign of own sound characteristics can be seen, which very often forms other products. Instead of that the P7 offers the information of the sound storage medium absolutely clear without falling into analytical. Timing and looseness suit perfectly, no stress or exaggeration can be felt.

Completely independent from the respective music category.  And: "...the comprehensibility is almost examplarily good."

Furthermore he emphasises: "...the style and the matter of course of the P7 impresses, as well as the neutrality and the grip, that often, for myself, can be missed in many other tube appliances."




Pre- / Poweramplifiercombination P7 / P1


The online-magazine HIFISTATEMENT finally published the long announced test of the pre-end-combination.



You will find the whole test under

Pre- / Poweramplifier-Combination P7 / P11

STEREO 01/2012:

In the category "Briefly heart" the editorial office of Stereo reflects the first impressions of the two devices: "The surprise ...has been their tonal performance: very expressful, dynamic and in the best sense musiclike. Every tone shows the great ambition with which the relaunch has been started."

We are looking forward to reading the test.


d.C.d. Base

Stereo 01/2011:

Stereo has tested the d.C.d. Base in their listening room. In the category "briefly heart" excellent properties can be confirmed to the base - even on expensive and optimized racks. "We can confirm this without any reservation. All components having been heart on the black plate sounded even more spatial, more homogeneously and more relaxed than directly on the rack. The positive effects here are much more pronounced than on other bases."

Silent Plugs

The english online-magazine  deals extensively and detailed on several pages with various set ups of the silent plugs. The result of the test: very good effects - as described - for all systems/components and because of the very good price performance ratio a very great recommendation.

The whole test can be read under: lesen.

Silent Plugs PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2011 Award

The english onlinemagazine has selceted the "Silentplugs Cinch" as the "Product OD THE YEAR 2011". 

The whole report can be read under:

Silent Plugs Cinch


Das french-english onlinemagazine Magazine-HiFi has tested the silent plugs cinch. Primary doubts whether it would be  "Voodoo" or rather gimmick, could be cleared out immediately.  Two editors applied the SP Cinch in their equipment and showed highly impressed of the effect. The sound is getting more realistic and free from "interferences". 

The whole report can be read under:

Silent Plugs Cinch

Monthly Audio February 2012, page 98:

Even in Korea the silentplugs are - in the meantime - much more than an insider tip. The Korean onlinemagazine is flipping over. Here some translated parts: a simple application spectacular effects are the result... The crystalclear sound developes as if for its liberation of vibrations there would be as a kind of reward the panoramic view on the sound stage... In fact similar  component parts are there in plenty.. There is non doubt in their utility... Here in contrast the most effective combination has been choosen... The Audio Exklusiv siplentplugs are giving in fact satisfying answers and so they can be seen as the most reasonable accessory in order to reach real sound quality. 

d.C.d. Feet & d.C.d. Base

The english onlinemagazine has now tested - after having already tested the silent plugs - also the d.C.d. Feet und die d.C.d. Base. Here you can read the whole test:

d.C.d. Base, d.C.d. Feet & Silent Plugs

HiFi Statement

The revived onlinemagazine HiFi Statement tested the complete accessory line of Audio Exklusiv. Originally thought as contact visiting at the editor Amr Ibrahim, whre preferentially was taken the new P 2 as well as espressly desired, the P7, the day became more and more a mix of testing, working and most of all: listening music. Mostly impressed him the accessory.  

Only for mutual interest briefly applied in his equipment the spontaneous decision was to test as soon as possible extensively this accessory.

His result: "With the tuning equipment Audio Exklusiv presents a complementary and coherent concept to which we can promptly confirm component status".  

The whole test can be read under: