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We welcome you at Audio Exklusiv, your traditional manufacturer for finest High End Components. Here you will find high-quality pre- and power-amplifiers in transistor and tube-technology, dynamic and electrostatic loudspeakers, turntables and a lot more.
Not only the technics but also the optical design acts an important part. So you have the possibility to create your individual appliance among a lot of various models.

Classic Line
Eco Line


High End Fair 2019

High End Munich 2019

This year we decided to exhibt at the parallel fair HiFiDeluxe and not at the MOC. We´d like to give our...

2019 there are a lot of news.

1. The ultimate Reference-Line Preamp R 7 is ready. Production and sales have started.

2. The optional power supply PS 0.2 will be offered with different voltages (DC), e.g. to use it for turntables.

3. The optional power supply PS 0.8 for the D/A converter P 0.8 is ready.

4. The Classic-Line will be revised optically and technically. Improved parts will be used. Furthermore the units are supplied with silver alu frontpanels from June onwards. Alu black and the known stoneplates are still available with price up.

5. Audio Exklusiv 1979 - 2019 -> 40th anniversary.