Eco Line

Integrated Amplifier

After the actual appliances of the CLASSIC-Line had been developed, established and introduced into the market, we had been asked from all sides whether it could be possible to facilitate interested music-lovers the entrance into the „Audio-Exklusiv-World“ with products for lower prices. Not at all an easy challenge as we did not want to give up particular philosophies for cost's sake.

An Audio-Exklusiv-Appliance even has only to – no matter what price it will finally reach – reproduce music as natural, emotional and realistic as it can be, without any artificial and ostensible effects. As smaller the budget, the more difficult of course such a development becomes.


Such a request spurred our ambition not insignificantly. And we gladly met this challenge.

The decision of general principle firstly had been to give up the tube technology. Regarding the expenses, this technology, for appliances in the target price range, developed and manufactured in Germany, is impossible - except we accept drastic concessions concerning sound relevant components. But this has never been a possibility for us. Now we had to develop an appropriate circuit as well as to find suitable driver- and output transistors that had to be similar to our hybrid-concept and that additionally would supply acceptable measurement results.


But even other sound-influencing components had to be listened and selected. A sophisticated mission.


After we had the first concepts in the auditory space, we could see a clear favourite that got into the second round. Comparisons with equal-prices but also considerably more expensive competitors as well as with the own products did not show only the different characters, but also the key points for modifications.


In the final competition, where we did not ask only trade partners and end customers, but even musicians and music-lovers, we reached the OK for the new products.


So far we can offer three products of the „Eco-Line“, which in future will be completed with at least one signal source.