P7S Tube - Preamp

For our P 7 we offer an upgrade so called "S-Package". With the help of purposeful electronical and mechanical modifications the sound quality of the P 7 can once again considerably be improved. 


These are the details of the upgrade:

1. Increase of the 16 power supply capacitors from 220µF each up to 470µF each.

2. Every electrolytic capacitor and every MKP has been bridged once again with an additional small MKP capacitor.

3. The TKD Potentiometer has been replaced by a more extensive one from TKD, which offers a better channel separation.

4. Modifications of the coupling capacitors.

5. A more complex damping of the housing

6. Further damping measures at sound relevant areas and parts.


Unfortunately the comlete package cannot be implemented additionally. Therefore before purchasing a P 7 a corresponding decision has to be made; otherwise the whole curcuit board has to be changed.



We kindly ask you to contact us so we can advise you before purchasing.