PS 0.2 Optional Power supply for P 0.2

Very often in the highend sector the simple formular „bigger is better“ can be heard. Large transformers and/or giant capacitors or capacitor banks impress the layman and promise the best performance.

This is only theory –  in practice the selection of the accessories and the interaction of them is the most important fact.


Interestingly in the sector of phono-preamplifiers the subject „power supply“ is often neglected – according to the slogan: „the current demand is so little, so a simply and small wall power supply will be enough“ - or the user chooses the other extreme: rechargeable batteries or even switching power supplies.

In theory the best possible option is a well thought rechargeable battery supply. So every bad influence of the mains power supply can be eliminated. But: rechargeable batteries grow old and so they charge and stress the environment. The result are permanent follow-up costs. Furthermore often they are, because of their high internal resistance, too slow and have to be fastened. And so far the space requirements has not been taken into consideration!


Because of all these facts we chose a maintenance-free and tight version of a power supply which at the same time cleans up with some prejudices:


At the beginning there is a 120 watt transformer. A merciless oversizing – normally they are used for high quality preamplifiers or even power amplifiers – but tonal a clear advantage. The sound pattern becomes more sovereign, more relaxed and airy, the background deep black and the three-dimensionality will be greater and more realistic.


In the second step extreme fast Schottky-diodes have been chosen for the rectification, afterwards there will be a two step screening with a L-C-chain. The screening capacity in this case is about 60,000 µF

Additionally all elkos will be bridged with small MKP- capacitors.

The output of the asymmetric and potential-free power supply has been provided with our own 4,7 µF  couple capacitor, which enables an exceptionally fast current flow.

Along with the P 0.2 the package now disposes of a three step spool screening and 78,800 µF capacity – all this for a small phono preamplifier with approx. 1 watt power requirement.


The tonal progress to the real excellent basic version is great. The  ripple free  voltage supply enables an extreme uniform, holographic and dissolving reproduction, free of any artificiality and  uncleanliness. The dynamic volume increases considerably. Nearly transition-free smallest as well as greatest incentives are reproduced.    

Technical data and dimensions

  • Outputvoltage: 24 V
  • Inputvoltage: 115/230V (optional)

  • Dimensions: 110 (W) x 330 (D) x 90 (H) mm
  • Weight: 2 kg