Our mains cable is consequently built up under physical-electrical aspects. The three high-quality copper cores dispose of a reasonable cross section of 2,5 qmm each one. The coating of the conductor as well as the external coating are made of rubber in order to avoid electrostatic and sound modificating chargings. The cable is assembled with high-quality and contactstrong  plugs/sockets. Their housings are extremely solid and resonance lean in order to let flow via the cable only few vibrations/interferences.

The contacts are rhodanised, so we can avoid the sound degrading nickel layer.

The basis length is 1,5 m. Other lengths (in 25 cm steps) are available on demand and for extra charge.

Powerconditioner PCD 1

With the Powerconditioner PCD 1 we renounce the traditional filter networks, which very often do not work as they should do: every filter works correctly only when evaluated and estimated for a certain device. Any modification in general leads to sound degradations: Reduction of dynamic, tonal and/or speed modification etc.

The PCD 1 suits everywhere and in every application it considerably shows its performance. And: not only contaminations in power supply are reduced – even interferences caused by electric smog are, thanks to the ci2p technology by Creaktiv/Gabriel Tech, considerably reduced.

The result is clear: better dynamic and finest information, a clearer ranging and classification of the instruments and an improved space presentation.

Everything gets more through-hearable and purer; roughnesses, caused by electric smog and contaminations of the grid, disappear.

There are two possibilities of application: either the PCD 1 is superposed to one single device or to the whole audio equipment, in which the first alternative will be the more efficient one. Combinations are possible.


Dimensions: 110 x 186 x 90 mm (W x D x H)
Weight: 0,9 kg